Trying to Love Someone Who Has Hurt you

What a horrible feeling it is

To love someone who’s already hurt you. To want to be with them so bad but you know what they’re capable of. The voice that lingers in your mind chanting “he’s cheating on you.”

“You’re not good enough for him”

“Just you isn’t enough”

You can’t take back what’s done. Some may say you can make it right but the damage is already done. You can’t drop a glass and put the pieces back together and make it still look pretty. There are cracks an missing pieces. The trust is broken and although I’m much bigger than this I don’t feel pretty enough or funny enough or intriguing enough to keep you around. I think one day you’re gonna get up and go with your friends and have forbidden fun with some girl who apparently doesn’t matter. Who doesn’t make you feel anything emotionally but is worth losing me over. She matters. They mattered every one of them when you laid with me after laying with them I can’t even put into words how angry and sad it makes me to type this out. No matter how much time has passed I just keep thinking; How could you do this to me?


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